RDCC Circulars/Memos/Orders
Date G.Os/Memo/Circular No Subject
07-12-2009 Lr.No.7713 RD Call Centre - updation of Staff contact details in Address Book at website of RD Call Centre - reg
09-12-2009 Lr.No.7713 Grievance Redressal- Escalation process- monitoring and training to DCROs
19-12-2009 Cir.No.706 Allotment of Short Digit Level 155321 for NREGS0 entrustment- grievance redressal - instructions
23-06-2010 Cir No.278 Allotment of Short Digit code 155321 for RD Call Centre
21-09-2011 Cir.No.967 MGNREGS-AP - Rural Development Call Centre Process - Quality Grievance Redressal Mechanism - Guidelines Issued - Reg
18-02-2012 Cir.No.109 Speedy action on pending cases of grievances received at RD Call Centre at District Level- instructions issued- reg
12-04-2013 Lr.No.109 MGNREGS-AP- Grievance Redressal Cell- RD Call Centre- Redressal Mechanism and improving the call centre performance - redressing th issues in the problem categories- DCROs of DWMA and other level-I & II officers in the district- reg
26-11-2013 Lr.No.7713 RD Call Centre- Bangaru Thalli and Sthreenidhi- Utilising the services of RDCC- Govt of AP- Reg
17-02-2014 Lr.No.7713 RD Call Centre- Stree Nidhi- Utilising the services of RDCC for resolving Stree Nidhi issues- Transfering of calls to Stree Nidhi Office on real time basis- Instructions - Reg
01-06-2014 7713 Rural Development Call Centre- AP State Reorganisation Act 2014- Readiness of the software - in view of the state re-organisation- for Establishment of the Government of Telangana and Government of Andhra Pradesh - issued orders- Reg
24-10-2014 Cir.No.7713 RDCC- New Toll Free Number for Telangana- 18002001001 - Guidelines issued- Reg
29-04-2015 Cir.No.1 RDCC- SERP- Reddressal Mechanism to MPDOs - for pensions and other categories - Reg
13-06-2017 G.O.Ms.No. 40 MGNREGS 2017PR_MS40 Grievance Reddressal Rules 2017
18-01-2018 1530 MGNREGS Telangana- Good Governance in Administration of MGNREGS-Conducting of "Good Governance Day" on every 3rd Wednesday- issuing of certain institutions - Reg
09-11-2018 4779 MGNREGS-TS - Implementation of MGNREGS-TS - Field Assistants - Annual performance review of the Field Assistants - Issuance of contracts to Field Assistants- Further Instructions Issued - Reg.