WEB Complaint Services STOPPED for SERP Components from Dt.01/10/2018: New " The Complaints/Grievances registration are stopped in the RD Call Centre web complaint form for the SERP Telangana implementing componets i.e.1. Asara Pensions( Disability, Single Women, Widow pension, Beedi Workers Financial Assitance, Old Age, Weavers, Toddy Tappers etc), 2. Agri Based Livelihoods, 3. Disability Issues, 4. SADAREM Certificates, 5. Human Development ( Balabadi, Health & Nutrition), 6. Instution Building ( Mandal Samakhyas, Vikalangula Samakhyas, Zilla Sankhyas), 7. Insurance, 8.Krushi Livelihoods, 9. Livestock Based Livelihoods, 10.SCSP and TSP issues, 11.SHG Bank Linkage, 12.Sthreenidhi Bank issues". if any issues/grievances/complaints, please contact respective scheme incharges in your location.


The Ministry of Rural Development, Telangana has established this call centre with the objective of integrating the grievance redressal process through the effective use of information and communication technology. The ultimate goal is to create a one-stop public grievance handling and resolution system characterized by high efficiency of resolution and real time reporting. Beneficiary satisfaction is the key driving force for this innovation. RD Call Center Serves as a bridge between the beneficiary and governing bodies with a provided Toll Free Number:1800-200-1001. The beneficiary either directly register his/her issue through a web complaint or calls to this toll free number between 8 AM to 8 PM.

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